Pilates Classes in Bromsgrove

Group Pilates Class with Instructor

Why Should You Do Pilates?

Modern life is hectic for many of us and we all need a regular time-out. Whether you sit at a desk all day, sit behind the wheel of a car or spend your day chasing after the kids, you will benefit from Pilates.

It is even suitable for active fitness and sports people who need to stretch tired muscles and unwind. Pilates is a fitness class that suits everyday life, simple exercise to make ready for everyday living.

Where Can You Do Pilates in Bromsgrove?

Sharron runs a regular Pilates class in Bromsgrove on Monday evenings. Please check the Pilates class timetable for more details or hop over to her main Pilates website to learn more.

Will You Benefit from Pilates?

Pilates is designed to work the whole body. It will help you become stronger, leaner and more flexible. Pilates offers you the opportunity to build a body that feels good, looks good and performs at its best. It is built upon functional exercises that are designed to help your body cope well in the real world, doing real tasks. Every class allows you to make time for yourself; one hour where you attend to your own mental and physical fitness needs. Pilates will encourage you to relax and focus on what you need, so that you leave feeling calm and satisfied with your achievement.

Life will still be right outside, but you will feel stronger and more able to deal with it!

Find a Pilates Class in Bromsgrove.

Are you interested to find a Pilates Class in Bromsgrove? Contact Sharron, check the main class timetable for dates, times and venues or visit Sharron’s Pilates website.