MetaBLAST HIIT Class in Bromsgrove

What is MetaBLAST?

It’s a HIIT class. Simple effective exercise for busy people who like to get fit and stay fit.

Take Charge of your own Fitness!

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The 30 minute class is structured around a set of timed exercises each followed with a short rest.

MetaBLAST HIIT Class Bromsgrove

The harder you work during the exercise the greater the results but you work at your own pace, no one knows your body and what it can achieve better than you!

The class is never dull!

The work is intense but it’s short and sharp. Routines are changed weekly so you won’t be bored and the physical challenge of a HIITS class is a great stress reliever after a busy day at work.

Got 30 minutes a week to spare?

Everyone struggles to fit in time to exercise, a HIITS class is only 30 minutes long, you can fit
it in on your way home from work and still be home in time for dinner!

Plus you’ll feel fitter, more alert and ready for anything.

Exercise doesn?t need to take all day!

As long as you are prepared to work hard, it is possible to burn more calories in a short, sharp HIITs session than a long steady run or all evening in the gym.

Carry on burning fat even when you stop!

Working out at high intensity will speed up your body?s repair cycle which will burn more calories AND fat for at least 24 hours after you stop exercising.

The Higher the Intensity the younger you look!

Working hard for short periods stimulates the Human Growth Hormone for up to 24 hours after exercise, which not only encourages calorie burn but slows down the aging process!

Train your body to burn more calories!

Long, slow CV workouts, such as distance running and cycling can burn muscle as well as fat. Working hard for shorter periods will burn fat but not muscle which leads to an increased the metabolic rate and higher calorie burn when not exercising.

HIITS is good for your heart!

Working at high intensity takes you into the anaerobic zone, which improves the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs). So you won?t just look good on the outside, you’ll be healthy on the inside too!