Chris Barnett - Bromsgrove Fitness Classes

Chris Barnett - Bromsgrove Fitness Instructor

After participating in circuit training classes for over 10 years Chris decided it was time to take the next step and teach the classes he loved when his instructor decided to move on.

Chris is fully insured by Harris Beaumont and has a recognised qualification as a circuit training instructor and Boxercise™ instructor.

Chris teaches regular circuit training classes in Bromsgrove on Thursday evenings and also Boxercise™ classes in Bromsgrove on Monday’s.

He is also a regular club runner with Stourbridge Running Club and has participated in numerous road races including 3 London Marathons.

Although Chris really enjoys road running he can’t resist getting muddy (ask his running partners) and has taken part in a number of endurance events including Tough Guy™ and the Royal Marines Commando Challenge

Chris says “I prefer a really simple style of circuit training just using your own bodyweight and a minimum of other kit. This style of circuit training is well proven and used by the military, if it’s good enough fitness training for the Royal Marine’s then it’s good enough for me! I think it’s a great way to get fit fast and get an all-round workout in every class. I love the fact that it’s so inclusive too, almost anyone can join in with a circuits class and workout at their own level.”

Contact Chris to discuss your personal fitness requirements and find out how Circuit Training will help help you get fit fast.